Earth is cooler with the atmosphere, water vapor, 30% albedo not warmer.

Ubiquitous GHE heat balance graphics use bad math & badder physics.

The kinetic heat transfer modes of the contiguous atmospheric molecules render impossible a BB surface upwelling and looping “extra” LWIR energy for the GHE.

Consensus science has a well-documented history of being wrong & abusing those who dared to challenge it. (Bruno, drawn & quartered)

GHE & CAGW are wrong so alarmists resort to fear mongering, lies, lawsuits, censorship & violence.

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Yes, we know you're desperately poor and cooking with cow dung, but what really screws up your life is the stuff that keeps US up at night.

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Hi.. Maybe interesting for you - the rise of climate denialism in the US


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Thanks, I've seen it, along with dozens of articles that played telephone with it.

It's a garbage study. The authors don't even define "climate change deniers," (or what it means for someone who "does not believe in climate change") yet readers are supposed to trust they properly categorized each Tweet as fitting or not fitting such labels?

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