They want to outlaw natural gas appliances and have already done so in some of the local building codes. When the power goes out it sure is nice to have a gas stove though. I wouldn’t want to give mine up that’s for sure.

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Oct 20, 2022·edited Oct 20, 2022Author

Yeah new construction is straight forward. Coastal cities have been going bananas with these bans. San Diego wants 90 percent of all existing buildings retrofit to all-electric too by 2035 as part of their Climate Action Plan.


Among the bonkers quotes from supporters:


So far, there are few financial specifics. Details are expected to be fleshed out in late February when an implementation plan will be released, in advance of Gloria’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2024.

“No one should be afraid that a mandate is around the corner,” Wilde said. “This is going to be a thoughtfully crafted and very inclusive process.”


“Yes, retrofitting is going to involve costs,” Elo-Rivera [San Diego City Council President] said, and he looks forward to seeing the details of the implementation plan. “I think trying to estimate the cost between now and then would be a bit of a fool’s errand. Since the time we passed (the update), the federal government is beginning to take significant climate action that would probably significantly reduce the cost to the city and to San Diegans for making those changes.”

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This is all because they are desperate to find loads to burn their intermittent wind & solar power. Expect a future in which you will be severely rationed in electricity whenever the wind isn't blowing or the sun isn't shining. And rationed in electricity means rationed in heat, transportation & hot water as well as the usual electrical appliances/lighting. Believe me this is coming.

Also they are scared shitless of grid defection. With electricity price going sky high driven by their impractical wind & solar, they are frightened that people will turn to NG powered CHP generators along with a small battery, maybe a small solar bank, can supply all your heat, hot water & power. All you need is some manufacturers to begin the mass production of NG powered CHP generators or Fuel Cells. You only need about a 1.5-2kwe generator/fuel cell with a 10-20kwh battery and a 2kw solar panel would augment that nicely. They just cannot allow that.

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