Honey badger don't care. LOL. Can't wait for the narrative to flip to "human flourishing actually depends on all forms of energy, especially the ones that are dense, low cost and already here for us to use."

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The conflict of interest situation only appears to be relevant when the company providing the funding is considered to be an evil company. Funding from a geothermal start-up---Great! Funding from a nuclear plant--Evil!

I addressed this problem in my book "Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy." I didn't SOLVE this problem, but I did address it.

I point out that for many advocates in various areas, an early question is "How shall I raise money?" For a nuclear advocate, the first question is "SHOULD I raise money? Will I be called a shill?" (Yes, you will, whether you raise money or not.) I suggested that pro-nuclear advocates should seek money, including from nuclear plants.

A quote from the book:

"..You are pro-nuclear and you are seeking money. The nuclear companies are not seeking you, like the Devil in some kind of morality play, trying to get ahold of your soul."

By stating his conflict of interest, Jenkins was quite honorable. In Vermont (not naming names) a lobbyist for a not-for-profit fought long and hard for a certain type of renewable funding. As soon as the funding was in place, he quit the not-for-profit and helped start a company to take advantage of that funding.

When he was fighting for the funding, he said nothing about his own hopes for gain, if the legislature passed the bills he was lobbying to see enacted. At that time, he was a noble lobbyist for a not-for-profit.

And so it goes....

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