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Thanks for sharing. The lost promise of nuclear power, which could have been an abundant, safe, and affordable energy source for the 21st Century, is something that future generations may never forgive us for.

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"These fossil fuels also required to manufacture the fiat virtue toys (heat pumps, EVs, batteries, solar panels, wind turbines) that out of touch Coastal Elites believe will bring their salvation from Gaia."

Absolutely beautiful. To all of the climate alarmists, my standard statement is as follows:

"If you're so concerned about carbon dioxide emissions, either support nuclear generated electricity, or stop exhaling.....now.

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Nope. It only encorages the supply side to try and increase demand.

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Lets make it short then. It's still easier to reduce demand than increase supply. Plus when you factor in the slurping at public troughs of money thrown by everybody from cities, counties, states and the feds we could have done a great job reducing demand.

Just saying once again.

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