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"Now, they unfold the truth about another disastrous dogma: the “magic of the marketplace.”

"In the early 20th century, business elites, trade associations, wealthy powerbrokers, and media allies set out to build a new American orthodoxy: down with “big government” and up with unfettered markets."

One wonders, now in the 21st century, what Mr. Bezos the founder and beneficiary of Amazon thinks of this anti-marketplace 'disastrous dogma'. There's just no end to the irony of elitism!

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There is literally nothing that they don’t blame on Ronald Reagan. Homelessness in SF? Ronnie. Bernie Madoff? Ronnie. Climate Change? Ronnie.

For a man who was CA governor 60 years ago and president 40 years ago, he has certainly left an impression on these aged boomers...

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