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Well done on the recap of what those who care to look have known for quite some time.

You and a handful of others have done a great job getting these "inconvenient facts" out into the public. One of these days, every citizen is going to have to quit playing "see no evil, hear no evil".

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Nice recap. Time to change the narrative!

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What it boils down to is the hypocrisy of the single-party state political machine and how they continue that charade of renewable energy as a viable way to provide the entire state with power.

One analogy that comes to mind is old public health campaigns that featured fitness celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hulk Hogan talking about eating right and exercise as the key to them attaining their muscle mass. Meanwhile the truth was routine steroid use enhanced their physique.

California displays the veneer of being a ‘green energy’ with the ugly details that if Chevron turned off the oil pumps Los Angeles turns into a Snake Plissken movie pretty quick. Too many realities are papered over about how the lights are kept on. Almost fitting for the state containing Hollywood that churns out make-believe and fantasy.

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