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“All human rights must be protected. Put an end to authoritarianism.”

They do not recognize the irony.

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Very detailed and informative. Certainly nothing we will see in the woke media. This Climate Hoax activist BS is deeply troubling. By the way, just finished The White Pill. Great book recommendation.

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I still need to finish it!

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The art gallery protesters are Typical of the legacy Parasite Activist Class who’ve been drawing salaries from their ever changing collection of tax free ‘Nonprofits’ for decades.

Funded by whatever their professional grant application writers can get from grants.gov et al (staffed itself by the same parasite ecosystem participants) and to a smaller extent whatever other private & foundation donations they can grub (with 2 million non profits in 2023 competition is fierce).

Guaranteed ‘Mainstream’ Media Coverage is just a phone call away as the dedicated media arm of the same parasite ecosystem will happily cover every stunt no matter how dated, irrelevant or phony. Then police stooges (unwitting or aware) play their part “Can we make sure they use handcuffs for the visuals? Thks!”

Then tjevParasite-adjacent Art Gallery will of course be happy to host the stunt. For the gallery, mutual cooperation in this ecosystem is essential for keeping any laundering activities on the down low - and yes of course the Activist Parasites will “have someone clean up the mess” at the gallery afterwards - usually the same poor desperates they shepherd across the border to clean their own filthy houses for below poverty wages. (Doing their own cleaning and cooking is ‘beneath’ them you see).

And In 2023 the new haughty ‘Elites’ with their pretensions of ‘good breeding’ must be squirmingly embarrassed by these debased creatures from which they spawned - no doubt desperate to forget the wretched origins of their existence.

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Nailed it. The PAC touches transportation and urbanism advocacy too.


These assholes really did their damage once they took over a local bicycling coalition from a group of normal people.


Media almost always turns away if it goes against their narrative.

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"Pedophrasts prey on our maternal (and paternal) instincts. Pedophrasty has its most effects on actors, journalists and similar types who are intellectually insecure, deprived of critical judgment, and afraid of being classified as violators of some norm of political correctness."

I absolutely LOVE it! How spot-on!

As soon as I hear the words, "It's for the children...." I cringe, grab my wallet with one hand and my derrière with the other. I know full well, whether it is the local school board whining for more money for their indoctrination camps, the local do-gooders whining for more money to 'help the homeless', or these ecoweenies whining for whatever contrived kabuki theater cause they are agitating for, it's a scam. These people should be forced to join the Actor's Guild and pay dues. Pathetic sociopaths!

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