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Quite new to you but i absolutely love these posts. Unfortunately your work is a little like Irina Slav's - fantastic but equally scary. What you both show is that Western politicians (I'm in the UK) refuse to learn from the past and will stop at nothing to deceive us and bring misery to our lives.

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Good read! You might enjoy this perspective as well.


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Thank you! Looks right up my alley!

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The reduction of the speed limit federally in 1974 is the best example of the shallowness and ignorance of the federal government. Although, there are many energy blunders since then.

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A wonderful walk through time, past, present, and most unfortunately, likely the future.

You are to be congratulated on Part I and now II, which show how our feckless leaders repeatedly ruin most everything they touch.

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Thanks, really love these historical narratives, especially the newspaper clips! Takes you back there (those who ignore history...)

Also, very nice business accounting overview. Too bad there is no “woke output” arrow to supplement Etsy’s large losses!

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